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What We Do

Equipping the Saints focuses almost exclusively on training pastors in the developing, “two thirds” countries. Our goal is to train pastors to direct their energies toward equipping their lay people for ministry. We are genuinely excited about the opportunity to train and encourage pastors for their equipping ministry.

Because financial resources are scarce in developing countries, pastors are typically unable to leave their homes and villages for ministry training. “Distance Learning” has sought to address this need by providing correspondence courses to help teach pastors and church leaders.

However, at ETS our approach is best described as “Distance Teaching.” In Distance Teaching, the teacher travels to the students. So it is with ETS. We typically travel at our own expense and pay our own way in our ministry to pastors and church leaders. Our desire is to serve Christ’s great kingdom by building into the lives of pastors. We rejoice when a pastor refocuses his ministry efforts so his priority is equipping his lay people for the work of the ministry.

For over 30 years, Dave Dawson has travelled the world training pastors and church leaders to focus their ministries on equipping lay people for ministry. His message is based upon the truth that every believer is called to be engaged in the work of the ministry.

Dave developed training materials for these pastors and church leaders to use in equipping their people. These training materials, appropriately called “Equipping the Saints,” have been translated into 30+ languages and are used in over 60 countries worldwide. These materials are available to pastors and churches around the world who are free to reproduce them at no charge. Click here to see a description of these materials.

Meeting with groups of pastors in seminars, conferences and workshops, we clarify our Lord’s intention for His church in terms of making disciples. A disciple is a fully devoted follower of Christ who is growing personally in his relationship with Christ and is also involved in helping others come to faith and grow. Our pastor training not only clarifies this mandate to make disciples, but also provides training in how to use the “Equipping the Saints” (ETS) disciple making materials.

The ETS materials described above are designed for one–on-one or small group disciple making. Groups meeting weekly will finish the training in about two years. The course covers all the major doctrines of the Bible as well as training in the spiritual disciplines of scripture memory, quiet time, Bible study, evangelism and prayer. The course also provides an opportunity for participants to learn how a small group operates.

This course is helpful to both mature and new believers, enabling them to become active and capable “fishers of men,” reproducing disciples who are fruitful to the fourth generation. The ETS materials are simply a tool to assist pastors in obeying our Lord’s great commission to make disciples.

Recently, Dave was joined by a long time pastor friend, Dwain Camp. Dwain has served in pastoral ministry for 33 years, 14 years in churches in the USA and 19 years as pastor of an expatriate church in the Middle East. Dwain and Dave have been close friends for over 25 years. Both men share a heart conviction that the church is God’s anointed vehicle to reach the world for Christ.

Dave and Dwain are devoted to the mission of training and equipping pastors and church leaders to focus their ministries on “equipping the saints.” They are convinced when the whole body of Christ is engaged in the work of ministry, the church grows to maturity and grows in fruitfulness. For more background info on Dave and Dwain, click here.

Ministry Focus Workshop

The MinistryFocus Workshop is designed to assist pastors in the “change management” process necessary to focus their ministry on equipping their lay people. Oftentimes pastors devote the bulk of their time and energy to “care giving” activities. However, a better (and more biblical) approach to ministry is to focus on “equipping the saints” so the whole body of Christ can be involved in ministry, including the “care giving” aspects of ministry.

But changing the focus and priorities of a ministry is neither easy nor automatic for pastors. This workshop is designed to assist pastors in that change process. After all, it’s not enough to present a vision of what a ministry “could” be. It’s necessary to help pastors devise a strategy or plan to move from where they are to where they want to be in terms of ministry focus and priorities. Each pastor’s plan is his personalized roadmap to guide him through the change process, a transition which includes reconfiguring and adjusting his ministry objectives, priorities and activities.

The MinistryFocus Workshop helps pastors identify the changes, challenges and barriers they need to anticipate and manage in order to refocus their energies on equipping their members for ministry. And make no mistake, to refocus a ministry involves a lot of changing –schedule changes, activity changes, changes of personal expectations, changes regarding the expectations of others, learning to delegate to others and trust God’s working through them, as well as facing and dealing with the inevitable obstacles and resistance to change.

To assist pastors in leading an effective transition, the MinistryFocus Workshop also helps pastors identify and develop high leverage activities. These activities help ensure a healthy and steady movement toward a more fruitful future for their churches.