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Ways To Help

You are sincerely invited to partner with us in our mission to train, equip and encourage pastors in developing countries around the world. The great need in the church today is an understanding that ministry belongs not to pastors and church leaders, but to the whole body of Christ.

We help pastors understand this truth – then we train them in using discipleship materials that will equip their people to actually do the work of ministry and make disciples – and finally, we encourage them to devote their energies and focus their ministry on this objective: equipping the men and women of their churches to make disciples. When the whole body of Christ is seeking to obey the Great Commission and make disciples, the church is healthy and fruitful and growing toward maturity to the glory of God.

We are grateful for all the friends of Equipping the Saints who faithfully support our work through prayer, encouragement and financial support.

For more information and details regarding prayer requests and areas that we are most in need, please visit our prayer requests page. You can also find information on other ways to help support Equipping the Saints on our volunteer page and our donations page.